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Thank you to Hein Washerfort for the congratulations on my Septembber results in the Visual Skills School Monthly Competition! "A max of 2 images per author per section and a max of 8 images in total - Congratulations to Charlaine Gerber for receiving a full-house of 8 acceptances spread over 5 categories."

1st place winner of Creative Monochrome Category with 'My horse and I' as well as third place in the same category with 'The mighty skies':

Avant Garde category Top 10 - 'but there’s a secret garden she hides':

Creative Open Colour category 3rd place with 'The Conversation' and Top 10 with 'To be a little boy'.

'Birds of Prey Rehabilitation' awarded in the Top 10 of the Photojournalism category.

'so you’ll find loss and you’ll fear what you found' received third place in the Creative Portrait Open Colour category and 'in the light of hidden flowers' in the Top 10!

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