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Charlaine Gerber, born 1960 South Africa, discovered her passion for photography later in life. She received her B.Cur* from the Rand University of South Africa in 1983 and worked in the medical industry for more than 30 years. 

Since Charlaine took up photography in 2013 she has been widely published and has received numerous accolades both nationally and internationally. She received her LPSSA in June 2016 and her APSSA in June 2017. To date Charlaine holds more than 200 National and international medals and won numerous competitions and she's had three solo exhibitions. She also gives workshops and talks regularly and sells online video tutorials.

Charlaine's range of topics stretch from landscape, nature, macro and art photography. Widely recognised for her innovation, Charlaine works mostly in composite photography with an emphasis on narrative, giving a different perspective to scenes.  

"Pia Lux is the Latin phrase for 'Loving the Light' and is the essence of the way I see photography and create art photography as I do. Fine art photography is photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist as photographer."

"I have had a love for photography for many years but more recently a particular interest in art photography to create unique photos. I had a creative vision to not merely capture a realistic rendition or mere representation of the subject, but aim to produce a more personal, maybe evocative or atmospheric impression with my photos that might go beyond realism. I have a special interest in fine art photography, and often take photos to use in composites to create an work of art or symbolism which can be interpreted in many different ways"

Charlaine currently lives and works in Witbank, South Africa with her husband and regularly visits her four children and three grandchildren. 

Find me online:


Instagram charlaine_pialux

A few Selected Awards:

2017 - Overall Winner of 1x Photo Awards

2017 - Marike Bruwer Trophy Winner

2018 - IPA awards 3rd in the Art photography category and nominated for the 'Photographer of the year' at the Lucie Awards in New York, Carnegie Hall

2019 - 6th position in the Impala trophy South Africa

2020 - won the 'Fine Art' category of the 'Africa Photo Awards' competition

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