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Pia Lux Training...

Pia Lux offers a big variety of training methods:


 Available training


 - Individual (one-on-one) training 

         - face-to-face this instance I travel to the designated            place (will then ask travelling fees) or you come to my studio.

         - Virtual meeting via Zoom - one-on-one

    - Tutorials (as is already available)

      and custom tutorials (for specific effects) where the client asks for         a specific tutorial for a specific subject and/or effect i.e the use of       creative blur in Photoshop


   - Workshops (small groups) :

            at the Pia Lux Studio, Pretoria East


       - Lightroom

             - Beginner, 














- Intermediate













- Advanced   













 -  Photoshop

      Info to follow...                                 

Upcoming workshops












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